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Funding Routes

Funding care in your own home

Many people assume that receiving care in their own home could be beyond their financial means. By carrying out a little research and utilising resources available, your options will become easier to understand. We have found this information below from internet searches, we are only supplying this information for your reference only.


County Council

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0345 678 9021.


First Point of Contact for your Local Authorities


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There is always someone who can guide you

Wether your care is funded through private or public funds,

Approved Care and Support make no distinction and will deliver the highest quality service tailored to your individual requirements and circumstances.

If following an assessment of your needs you require support, you will need to decide how to pay for such services.

By contacting the First Point of Contact Team, you can discuss any care needs you may have and establish whether or not you need to have a formal assessment. If you do have an assessment, and you have eligible care needs and are eligible for support with funding your care, you can decide whether you would prefer to arrange the services yourself using a Direct Payment or have support from the Council to manage the arrangements. If you do not meet the eligibility criteria, the Council can still help and advise you on other ways to meet your needs.

To determine whether or not you will need to contribute towards the cost of your support, the Council will conduct a financial assessment. This will look at your capital, savings and income. Most people are likely to have to contribute something towards the cost of their care. If you are moving into residential care, the value of your home is considered as part of your capital except in limited circumstances. It is not included if you are receiving care in your own home. If you choose not to have a financial assessment, you will be responsible for paying the full cost of your care and support. If you have capital and savings of less than £14,250, you may be asked to contribute part of your income and the local authority may meet the shortfall. If you have capital and savings between £14,250 and £23,250, you are likely to have to contribute towards the cost of your care. You may need to contribute part of your income, and a sliding scale operates whereby you contribute £1 for each £250 you have in capital and savings above the lower figure. If your capital and savings amount to more than £23,250, you will have to pay the full cost of your care yourself. However, you are still entitled to an assessment of your needs by the Council and you may be able to get some support with funding your care.

If you are eligible for social care support following an assessment of your needs and finances and you require funded support services to be in place, you may be provided with a Personal Budget. A Personal Budget allows you to influence how your assessed needs are met, and ensure they are met in a way which works for you and your approved support plan There are a number of ways you can receive and manage your Personal Budget.

Personal Budget

There are 3 ways you can receive  your Personal Budget

Direct Payment

Independent Living Fund

Council Managed Fund

Direct payments

If you are eligible for the Council’s support with funding your care, you may be able to have a Direct Payment. A Direct Payment is money from Shropshire Council’s Adult Social Care department, which must be used to meet your specific assessed care needs, as

detailed in your support plan.

If you are applying for care and support for the first time, Direct Payments may be discussed with you when you are having your assessment. If you are eligible for a Direct Payment, you will be given an agreed amount of money to put towards meeting

your social care needs.


A Direct Payment can also help with the cost of employing a Personal Assistant, for example, or a home care provider. Direct Payments are typically made directly into a Just Credit Union account solely for this purpose. If you are assessed as being able to contribute towards your care, you will be required to pay your contribution into this account.


If you receive a Direct Payment, the Council will expect you to provide evidence of how you have used the money, by regularly supplying bank statements and/or invoices. You cannot use Direct Payments to pay for permanent residential accommodation. However, you may be able to pay for short periods of respite care, if agreed in your support plan.


Individual Service Fund

An Individual Service Fund is money paid on your behalf by Shropshire Council to a suitable support provider or care agency of your choice. If you are assessed as being able to contribute towards the cost of your care, the Council will send you an invoice

for your contribution every four weeks.  As part of your support plan, you will decide and agree on how the support provider or care agency will deliver your care and support.


Although the agency is paid a fixed amount to meet your support needs, you are in control of how your support is provided. Nothing is set in stone and you can always change your mind later on

Council Managed Fund

The Council Managed Fund is similar to the Individual Service Fund, but is not as flexible. Once your support plan has been agreed, the Council will work with you to choose the most suitable care package for your needs and will manage your care budget, to ensure

you receive the level of support you require.

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Private Funded Care

If you pay for your care, its straight forward, give Approved Care and Support a call 01691 655999 and we will discuss all of your option for the care and support you require. We will visit you and build your personal care and support plan, then agree a start date.

We will work with you, for you and most importantly care for you.